WhiizU Cycling FAQS

Download/ Installation

Riding in WhiizU: World

  • What do I need to ride in WhiizU: World?

    For a basic setup, besides a bike, you also need a power meter to read your power data. Still, in order to have a complete cycling experience in WhiizU:World, for the slope simulation and ERG workouts, adding a smart trainer to your pain cave would be highly recommended.

  • How many routes are available in WhiizU: World?

    Listed below are 10 routes currently available, and we are working on adding more courses to the WhiizU: World.

    • Ren’ai Rd., Taipei City (Route of Tour de Taiwan)
    • Tour of Jiufen
    • Squirrel Hill
    • Mt. Tiehchen
    • Beiti E. Rd., Dajia Dist.
    • Miaoli Route 130 (Exclusively for XPEDO users)
    • Zhongshe Road
    • Rosier, Belgium
    • Kaohsiung Moon World
    • Tour De Vincennes Forest

  • Why have some routes from the previous version of WhiizU: World disappeared?

    In order to ensure an authentic cycling experience, we are reconstructing and optimizing those routes, which will be released again once they are ready. Stay tuned.

  • Why does the app crash mid-ride?

    It occurs when the mobile specs don’t support the ultra-high resolution of our routes. In order to prevent the issue from happening again, we suggest changing the “Graphics Quality” to “Low”.

  • How come the landforms of the routes in WhiizU: World look sharp on my iPhone?

    Please update iOS to the latest version to bring back the beautiful scene.

Competition: Racing Events

  • What are the events in Competition? Are they different from those in Challenge or other biweekly events?

    The races or group rides in the Competition Venue held by WhiizU or other organizers might require a sign-up before you join. For example, WhiizU Summer 2021 and Taiwan Cup 2021.

  • Where in the APP can I join the competition?

    Once you open the app, please click on Competition on the left. You may see the events listed in the section.

Connect to Strava

  • How to bind my Strava account to WhiizU?

    Before sharing your workouts, please link your WhiizU account to Strava. Check out the steps below to bind your account with Strava on your mobile phone:

    Step 1. Make sure you have downloaded and logged into the Strava app on your mobile device.
    Step 2. Click on your profile in the top left corner to enter your personal center.
    Step 3. Click on the three dots in the top right corner, then select Edit.
    Step 4. Scroll down to the bottom and there you can find a Strava icon.
    Step 5. Click on the icon to bind your Strava account.

  • Why haven’t my workouts been shared to Strava after I linked the accounts?

    We don’t automatically upload your workouts to Strava. Instead, you can choose the one you’d like to share by yourself by clicking on the “Share to Strava” button on the top right corner of the Activity.

  • How to upload my WhiizU activity to Strava?

    It’s easy! You may follow the 3 quick steps:

    Step 1. Go to Profile
    Step 2. Click on Activity
    Step 3. Choose which activity you’d like to share and click on Share to Strava

  • How come it shows my activity data is successfully uploaded to Strava but it does not appear on the platform?

    The upload time of each activity will be checked by Strava. If Strava considers the timing between each activity too close and it is highly impossible to finish the workouts within such a short period of time, the activity will not be posted.
    We suggest choosing only one activity from the same workout to be uploaded and avoiding using different devices to share the same activity.

Equipment Setup

  • How to connect the equipment with WhiizU?

    WhiizU supports both standard Bluetooth FTMS and ANT+ protocols. There should be no problem connecting to WhiizU as long as the equipment matches the standard protocols. What’s more, we are working on supporting more frequently used smart trainers from different brands.

  • What to do when my device cannot connect with my Android phone?

    To be able to scan the nearby devices via the Android system, you need to complete the following settings:

    1. Open Bluetooth on your mobile phone. (Since mobile devices uses Bluetooth to connect other equipment)
    2. Authorize WhiizU: World for location services.
    3. Enable GPS settings to scan nearby devices

  • Why does my trainer connect to Power instead of Smart Trainer?

    Only the smart trainers can be paired via “Smart Trainer.” Therefore, if yours is a regular trainer, it will not be scanned and paired by the “Smart Trainer.”

  • Can I change to another sensor after successfully pairing my smart trainer and both power and cadence data are transmitted?

    Absolutely! You may change it by clicking on the switch icon on the top right corner of each paired device. For more information, check out the how-to video here:

  • Can I connect the WhiizU: World PC version with my equipment via bluetooth on my laptop?

    Currently, the WhiizU: World PC version requires an ANT+ dongle to connect the devices. The good news is that we are working on enabling Bluetooth connection on laptops soon.

  • How to connect my equipment like a smart trainer or other sensors to the WhiizU PC version?

    The WhiizU: World PC version requires an ANT+ dongle to connect the devices. You need an ANT+ dongle to ride in WhiizU: World.

  • Why can’t my equipment be scanned in WhiizU PC version even when I have an USB ANT+ dongle in my laptop?

    Don’t worry. Please double check the following settings first:

    1. Make sure the device that you want to pair with WhiizU is not connected to other software or services, since the equipment only allows one software connection at a time.

    2. Please double check if you have installed the latest ANT+ driver, since some Windows systems will not do it automatically. For more information on the installation of the driver, check out the links below:

  • Why does it only show half power while I use the power pedals?

    The issue results from different data output measurements of each brand. We suggest using WhiizU PC version and connect the right foot of the power pedals via ANT+ dongle.

Other Issues

  • I still have issues.

    No worries, please let us know what’s bothering you by answering the questions below and sending them to fit.service@whiizu.com. We will be happy to solve the problems for you.

    • What is the device and model you are using? (e.g., iPhone 8 Plus or computer)
    • Which smart trainer are you using? (For example, XPEDO APX PRO)
    • Do you use other sensors? If you do, please provide the name of the brand and model.
    • Issue summary
    • Screen recording (Videos will greatly help us fix the problem.)